cannonfastreviews-1Welcome here! This website is a bit of a fun project I have been wanting to do for quite some time and finally decided to start it up. The idea came from looking at review sites on all the latest camera gear. I thought it would be interesting to review the older guns (hence the website name) since all the new stuff has been covered on many sites.
I am a portrait and wedding photographer here in Canada and over the years I have moved more and more towards weddings alone. However winter is a time I would take on other projects. I also like to treasure hunt and buy and sell on Ebay which gave me the opportunity to play with some pretty unique older cameras and lenses. When I found a camera I liked I would clean it up, do some repairs as needed, do some research on it and maybe run a roll of film through it. I would do the same with the lenses I found and bought all kinds of adapters so I could even shoot them on digital. I managed to collect some photos over time from them that just sat around.

Over the years I would try to research older equipment but most of the time I would only find the latest new equipment. When I did find the old stuff I rarely found good reviews, and very rarely would I find actual test photos of the lenses. Times have changed and there is lots of good information on lots of this gear but I found it hard to see comparisons, and usually test photos were of moving or different subjects.

I’m basically building this site based off of my personal interests and what I would like to see when I research a lens. I like actual VS. and comparisons photos and decided to start one myself. I wanted to contribute because I know there has to be others out there that have the same interests. Since I have a opportunity to use some of this old and new equipment with my hobby I though I should be able to put up a few interesting pieces.
I’m hoping to shoot and review as much of this old stuff as I can and will see how far I can get. The big kicker is that after I started I found out that the local museum that has been my test subject is scheduled for destruction. They say it will be torn down in 2 years give or take. Instead of being upset I’m going to try and work as hard as I can in the next 2 years. The museum is such a great subject with a huge array of tiny detail all over the wall so I want to take advantage of this as much as I can.
Well lets see how far we get and where this goes. I hope you enjoy what you find on this site.

My hopes are to take the time to continue developing this website with more test photo based reviews. If you are ever interested in purchasing a lens or other photography equipment please do so through these links here in these reviews. This helps support my family and allows me to take more time for the site. The best part is this site is free for you and I link good deals I find! Sometimes these links will actually give you better deals then typical retail prices! I personally buy from the links I have listed whether looking for new gear or fun old stuff. I can attest to their good & safe service from years of experience. Thanks again to you, our readers, for supporting us! -Todd