I have been buying camera gear and other stuff over many years from these stores linked here on my site. All of them have really great service and really great costumer care and wouldn’t recommend anyone else. I am here in Canada and all of these sites ship internationally which is really big for me. Here in Canada it is sometimes hard to get stuff shipped in but these stores make it a simple.

This site is a bit of my personal idea of what I want to see in camera reviews and my hopes are to take the time to continue developing this website with more test photo based reviews. If you are ever interested in purchasing a lens or other photography equipment please do so through these links here in these reviews. This helps support my family and allows me to take more time for the site.The best part is this site is free for you and I link good deals I find! Sometimes these links will actually give you better deals then typical retail prices! I personally buy from the links I have listed whether looking for new gear or fun old stuff.

I love this store! When I want to buy new I usually go straight for Adorama and always know I will get great, super fast service with no problems. They have a huge selection of gear and way under what normal retail stores sell their stuff for. Also they ship out immediately where when I order from normal retail stores I sometimes had to call to make sure they shipped my equipment. I have never had to do that with Adorama.

One thing to make sure you check out is when you search for a used item you will want to look on the left just above the new listings and you will see a blue line listing the used items searched. It took me a while to find it so if your like me this should help.

I live on Ebay and am usually one this site almost every day. Ebay is not really a store but a auction and sales listing site that anyone can use! This is great of you want to find an unusual item not manufactured anymore or wanting to sell your personal stuff for full price. Ebay is the absolute best way to quickly sell your stuff for top dollar.
People fear that since you are buying from individuals through Ebay that they might try to take you for a ride. Maybe this was so the first year Ebay was invented but definitely not anymore. I find people that I bump into are weary about Ebay because they knew a guy who knew a guy who had a cat that lost an item on Ebay or something. I think most of these stories are fears like when the internet was first invented. Over all my personal years of experience it is extremely rare that anything happens. Ebay is AMAZING and I trust 100% in their customer service that buyers will always get what they need. Even if you have an odd experience Ebay fights for their costumers. Most people who sell on Ebay don’t bother trying to mess around because Ebay will take personal action to make sure the costumer has a safe and pleasant experience. I have bought and sold thousands of items over the last 15 years on Ebay and can’t wait to do more. I’m always poking around on here looking for unique things.

I have used Amazon many times over the years and have lots of friends and family who use them all the time. Just as I am an Ebay junkie, my wife Alison is a Amazon junkie. She buys from their site more then I do and she also loves their costumer service.