Mola Demi White Beauty Dish

Mola Demi White 22″ Inch Beauty Dish Unboxing Content also VS Demi Silver Comparison

This video shows what is being shipped with the amazing Mola Demi White Beauty Dish as of 2013 made right here in Canada eh! Woo Hoo!
You will see all the hardware the comes with the dish, the Pad Diffuser, the Nylon Diffuser and attachment ring.
This video also touches on a little bit of a VS comparison with the White and Silver versions.
I also explain a little bit of how I shoot with the dish and different diffusers available like the Lumilux, Opal Glass and how you can shoot with Speed Lights, as well as Profoto.

From my personal experience I decided to buy a Demi White because the Demi Silver was a little cool with Canon but was perfect for when I was shooting Nikon. Now I really enjoy Canon’s color and the Demi White works perfectly with it “for my style.” I will continue to use the Silver but probably not for weddings but fashion and commercial so I won’t be able to give it up yet. :)

Correction: I said I used the gasket when putting the rear ring on but I actually found it better without the gasket.