100% 1:1 Crop “Preset” Lightroom 4

How to Build a 100% 1:1 Crop “Preset” in Lightroom 4

This is not a perfect Preset but it’s quick enough to act as a preset. Once you have your folder set up you can quickly drop images in and out syncing them all cropped at 100% 1:1 and exporting them like normal.
Hope this helps because it has worked perfectly for me for quite a while and so far no problems.

Sorry the vid cuts sometimes and is quiet. Not sure what’s going on… :)

I should mention the original file is a RAW file and not a screen shot. I shot my screen with my camera so you want to make sure you are not mixing JPEG and RAW files together because they might be different sizes. You may want 2 different crops if you’re shooting JPEG as well.