Delete iTunes Duplicated Songs

How to Delete iTunes Duplicated Songs from Playlist

This video has nothing to do with photography except when I’m editing thousands of images I don’t want to hear my same song 10 times in a row ha ha!
My hard drive crashed so when I put my songs back on my new HD they were all duplicated. When I listened to an album I heard every song twice which is only bad at the bad songs he he.
I did some Googling and this was the best solution I found and I like how it’s working out so far.
I was down to songs starting with “H” and accidentally clicked “move to trash” and had to start all over again so watch when I say don’t move them to trash. Now I am starting all over again as you can see I’m at “C” ha ha!

UPDATE: After 1hr 05min I finished removing the duplicates. Good thing I had some good music to listen to :)
Hope this helps someone. Sorry for coughing in your ear, I have a cold :(